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Customize Cable Shade Sail, custom size, custom color and custom shape available
  • Super Heavy Duty New Patent Design: Made of 260 GSM permeable extra heavy duty fabric, heavy duty stainless mounting rings, cable wires built-in edges, integrate into the mounting rings. All pulling strength goes to the cable wires, not only making the edges more durable. It also enhance the appearance of shade sail. Breathable fabric results in significant temperature reduction underneath the sail, blocks up to 95% of U*V but allows cooling breezes and light to pass through for better airy and comfortable space, allows rains to pass through, so there's no pooling water. Installation Guide: Installation hardware Kits are required and Sold Separately, each A-ring will require one cable rope. Connect the other ends of cables to existing poles, trees or wall with shade sail hardware Kits, high quality TANG Sunshades Depot hardware Kits and cables are strongly recommended for Best performance and appearance. Ideal for your deck in backyard, pool and pond, pergola, sandbox, driveway or other outdoor area to protect against 88% up to 95% U*V, and make your patio privacy safe, cool and fabulous. Measurement & Warranty: Measurement is taken from A ring to A ring, leave 1 - 1.5 foot space for the hardware kit between shade sail A ring and mounting points, all edges are finished slightly curved so it can be stretched tightly, prevent middle from sagging. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal.

Customize Cable Shade Sail, custom size, custom color and custom shape available

Customize Cable Shade Sail GSM:
GSM 260
GSM 260
Customize Cabled Shade Sail Shape:
Customize Cabled Shade dimension (step: 1 ft)
Note: please check the comments below to get the price

A<=B<=C, Width <= Length

customize cable shade sail color:
Light Green
Light Grey
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Easy installation and maintenance. Our sun shade sail solutions are used over gardens, pool backyards, courtyards, indoors, outdoors and etc. layer it with different colors and shapes to make it look unique and fabulous

High-quality sunshade fabric blocks up to 95% of harmful UV rays.

Each sun shade sail is available for customize for your shade needs

Structure designed for durability, all edges are constructed with heavy-duty double-layered reinforced stitched seams, preventing frayed edges and out of shape. Each corner ends with stainless steel A-ring for easy hanging, and extra heavy stitching to help the A-rings strongly attached to the shade sail.


Note: The following data was gathered in a tested environment, please note the values may be inconsistent if the product is used under different conditions.


Fabric: HDPE Polyethylene Material

GSM: 260

Construction: Knitted

Support Framework:  steel Cable & Webbing

Tensile strength:  50 cN/tex

Specific Gravity 0.89 - 0.96 g/cm

UV Blockage:  95%

Water Permeable:     Yes

Water Absorption:  0.005-0.01

Material Break Strength:   400LBS/ft

Crystalline Melt Point:       120 C - 180 c / 248F – 356 F

Composition of UV Inhibitor Yes

Flammable:  Yes

Fire Resistance:  None

Reflective Rate:   Black 13% -15%   /   white 85%-90%

Acidity and Alkalinity Resistant:    Yes

Temperature Range:   -20C to 55C / -4F to 131F

Mildew Resistant: Yes



260   gram/sq. Ft

UV Blockage


Visibility Blockage


Windspeed Sustainability

45   mph winds

Life Expectancy

7-8   Years

Limited Warranty

7   years

Delivery time frame

1-2   weeks

see detail

A-Ring Cable Shade Sail application is most suitable for custom sizes that exceed 25 ft. In addition, Cable Shade Sails are intentionally designed for areas that continuously have severe weather conditions year-round.  All our shade sail products are the perfect shade solution for backyard decks, patios, pools, play areas, camping, pergolas, lanais, or any place shade is  needed!


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