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38" X 95" Vinyl Corner Picket Enclosure Fence Panel Screen Level Top England Country Essentials Scalloped Accent Fencing for Yard, Gardens, Outdoor Products, White 1 Pic

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Product Highlights
  • Our Corner Fence adds curb appeal to your home, the simplistic design allows it to act as both décor and is useful for shielding small foliage.
  • Easy to maintain for long lasting usage; you will not need to repaint!
  • The Corner Fence easily hides unattractive items while embellishing your yard and protecting certain items such as foliage or tree bases
  • You can use this item for many applications such as boundary marker, driveway accent, or gardening focal point.
  • Made by weather-resistant PVC material, so it would not warp, crack, peel or turn yello
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  • Our vinyl material is long-lasting and durable, it will not fade, crack, peel.

  • Very little maintenance is required, maintaining is as simple as using your garden hose to rinse the product off!

  • This fence has many different uses and can embellish items in your yard, be used as a center point decoration, or to protect foliage.

  • This product can also conceal or camouflage necessities in your yard such as unsightly HVAC compressors, trash cans, heat pumps, or gas storage cans.


Our artificial plant fence screen is durable and is resistant to many chemicals, is UV-proof, lightweight but weather-resistant. Fibers used to create polyester and is very strong yet lightweight. It retains its shape very well and is a quick dry. Great for outdoor application. Made from recyclable High-Density Polyethylene, eco-friendly, and does not release toxic chemicals.

See product picture.

Very little maintenance is require


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