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Aritificial Ivy Fence Wall Décor Faux Ivy Expandable/Stretchable Privacy Fence Screen UV Blockage Plant Leaves and Vine Decoration for Indoor/Outdoor 58"x117"

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Product Highlights
  • he Artificial Fence Panel comes with beautiful artificial leaves that are made to mimic the vibrancy of real leaves without the hassle or maintenance. The Artificial Leave Panels are a stylish way to provide privacy or even as décor.
  • Installation – The Artificial Fence Panel has easy installation; the snap hook backings can fit many different areas and are flexible. They make mounting easier by provided a way to install on an area with Zip Ties or Nails.
  • Décor – The Artificial Fence Panel is great for décor, they can be easily installed on many different areas, each piece can also snap together to create different designs or be used to create a fuller piece.
  • Privacy – This item also works to create privacy with the leaves positioned on the snap hook backing to create a full look, while the snap hook backing also acts as a second layer of privacy with a beautiful leaf design.
  • Customization - The width of the leaves is 39 inches (1 meter), the length is 9.84 inches(25 cm ), and the maximum length can be 787.4 inches (20 meters).
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The Artificial Fence Panel is filled with artificial leaves that are full andvibrant in color, which makes this item amazing for décor or even privacy.  The fullness of the leaves and theflexibility of the snap hook backing provides great privacy along with easyinstallation.  Each panel is 39” x 10”and the snap hooks on the panels creates the option to make any design or toeasily fit any area as a beautiful piece of décor that provides the bestprivacy.


Our artificial plant fence screen is durable and is resistant to many chemicals, is UV-proof, lightweight but weather-resistant. Fibers used to create polyester and is very strong yet lightweight. It retains its shape very well and is a quick dry. Great for outdoor application. Made from recyclable High-Density Polyethylene, eco-friendly, and does not release toxic chemicals.


Use this greenery to beautify and aesthetically improve the design of an indoor or outdoor surface. This product is also an excellent option to hide pets or visually unappealing objects, such as garbage cans or old fences. This product can be applied to any fence or surface to create a privacy barrier and conceal an area. 


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