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Customize Webbing Shade Sail, custom shape, custom color and custom size available
  • It’s the most aesthetically pleasing, economical option for shade, reducing heat, blocking the sun, and protection against harmful UV rays. Easily attach to any sturdy connection point (posts, walls, trees, pergolas, fascia’s, lanais, etc.) for instant sun protection. It is a safer way to enjoy the outdoor experience without the danger of skin damage caused by UV sun rays. Easily cool off in the sun under a sail, you can feel up to 20 degrees cooler when standing under it

Customize Webbing Shade Sail, custom shape, custom color and custom size available

Customize Webbing Shade Sail GSM:
GSM 180
GSM 180
Customize Shade Sails Shape:
Customize product dimension (step: 1 ft)
Note: please check the comments below to get the price

C>=B>=A Length > = Width
the custom size larger than 20 feet currently NOT AVailable for COLOR: RED and ORANGE

Customize Shade Sail Color:
Dark Green
Dark Green
Light Grey
Light Green
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Our standard Sails are intentionally designed with concaved sides to make it easier to create tension and get your sail taut. 

Each corner is designed with an D-Ring.

Color Options:

    Red, blue, brown, orange, turquoise, beige, light grey, or yellow

Shape options

     Rectangle, Triangle


Webbing Shade Sail Custom size availability

   If you can't find the size and design you want in the standard product, you can contact our customer service through our customized page. 


UV Block/Vision Block

    Manufactured from HD Polyethylene with UV Protection, durable enough to withstand long time outdoor use in the sun. 

    Our screens provide >85-95% UV blockage and vision blockage from sun rays, which helps create privacy, shading, and prevent heat buildup.





Before you commence installation, it is very important that you consider the most suitable location for your shade sails. Take into account the following:

    1、Size of the shade sail(s);

    2、Strength of existing structures intended to be anchor points;

    3、Ability to insert suitable fixing posts;

    4、Location of barbecue grills, fire pits, and other high heat sources;

    5、Sun direction and path tracking;

    6、Sun path calculator:

    7、Wind speeds typical and maximum expected for your area.



        Our shade sails are made to be easily cleaned with a hose spray or jet setting. For more intensive cleaning, feel free to gently scrub your sail with a sponge or soft brush using a mild cleaning detergent and water. However, it is important to note that exposure to certain harsh chemicals (for example, Chlorine) can lead to premature breakdown of the fabric. As a general rule-of-thumb, just remember chemicals that have harsh reactions to HDPE material or any sort of plastic should be avoided. You can find more maintenance information at help center.


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