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30pcs 20" x 20" Artificial Purple Lavender Outward Fence Panel

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Product Highlights
  • Provide a sustainable, reusable screening solution for the construction and events industries
  • Create an attractive alternative solution to conventional hoardings in the construction industry
  • Provide instant greening for sites, on a short, medium- or long-term basis
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Product Application


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An artificial plant privacy fence screen that provides realistic greenery and optimal privacy. The faux privacy hedge is made of polyester fabric to withstand weather conditions and resist fading. Natural in appearance, the leaves add a subtle but natural decorative accent to your property to any wooden or metal fence. We have faux ivy rolls, Milan leaf screens, and lavender leaf screens. It’s an environmentally friendly material that can upgrade any fence, wall, or outdoor structure aesthetically.  You will not have to worry about watering or having your plant wilt. You can enjoy the ease of year-round greenery that requires virtually no maintenance or upkeep.

Material                                                         Low Density Polyethylene LDPE

Density                                                           0.95 g

Surface Temperature Range                   - 76F -----   250F 

UV Blockage:                                              > 85%

Visibility Blockage:                                    > 75%

Excellent  resistance to dilute acids, alcohols, bases and esters

Note: The following data was gathered in a tested environment, please note the values may be inconsistent if the product is used under different conditions.

Our artificial plant boxwood is durable and is resistant to many chemicals, is UV-proof, lightweight but weather-resistant. Fibers used to create polyester and is very strong yet lightweight. It retains its shape very well and is a quick dry. Great for outdoor application. Made from recyclable High-Density Polyethylene, eco-friendly, and does not release toxic chemicals.

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Use this greenery to beautify and aesthetically improve the design of an indoor or outdoor surface. This product is also an excellent option to hide pets or visually unappealing objects, such as garbage cans or old fences. This product can be applied to any fence or surface to create a privacy barrier and conceal an area.


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