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White 30' x 40' Super Heavy Duty Waterproof Poly Tarp

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Product Highlights
  • Carport
  • Cover boats, ATV, other motorized vehicle and equipment
  • Camping
  • Make-shift shelter
  • Wedding or Party Tent Cover
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Product Application


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As Blue Tarp that is reinforced with solid polyethylene coating on both sides of the Tarpaulin. Constructed of high-quality polyethylene, This Blue Tarp is a light weight tarp, Suitable for fast and convenient construction and serves great as seasonal covers.

This Blue Tarp has a thickness of 5 mil., plus grommets placed every 3.5’, and all corners are molded reinforced. This Blue Tarp is finished with full size instead of cutting to size. You can use these Tarps in industrial, commercial or construction tarp applications. 


These Tarps typically ship out in 1-3 business days.

Product name:                                   Polyethylene Tarp

Coating                                                 Polyethylene on Both sides

Color:                                                    Blue on both sides

Thickness/MIL:                                  5 MIL

Weight                                                 2.7 OZ /SQ Yard

Life Expectancy:                                6 months to 2 years

Warranty:                                            6 months

Waterproof:                               100%

Acid Resistant:                                  Yes

Rot:                                                        Yes

UV Resistant:                                     Yes

Mildew Resistant                             Yes

Grommets:                                         Every 3.5’

Melting point:                                    115 C / 239F

Arctic Temperature flexibility     -60 C / -76F

A tarpaulin, or more commonly known as a tarp, is a versatile all-purpose weather resistant polyethylene tarp that provides protection to stand up against harsh outdoor elements. They can be used for projects around the home or for commercial needs. They are cost effective while still providing incredible features like waterproofing, UV resistance, acid resistance, rot resistance, mildew resistance, and can even stand up to freezing temperatures. They are made with a sealed poly coating on both sides of the tarp and manufactured with grommets built all along the entire perimeter for easy installation.

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Installation varies depending on application. However, a general rule of thumb is to ensure the tarp is securely tied down with zip ties, cable cords, or rope. A loosely tied down tarp can be torn apart, so keep the tarp under slight but firm tension.

IMPORTANT: Pad sharp corners and edges to prevent a hole or puncture in the fabric. Pieces of foam, batting, cardboard, or carpet pad all work well.


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