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Turquoise A-Ring Reinforcement Rectangle 18ft x 22ft Heavy Duty Strengthen Durable(260GSM)-Galvanized Cable Enhanced

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Product Highlights
  • Whole New Design: Unique Strengthen A-Ring & Advanced steel wire reinforced string The string is made of high quality metal perfect to support large size sun shade sail.
  • Super Strong Double Stitched Seam: Shade sail comes finished with strong stitched seam fitted stainless steel eyelets and nylon chords for easy hanging.
  • Heavy Duty: Made of 100% brand new high-density Permeable UV Block Fabric 260GSM polyethylene knitted fabric material.
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Product Application


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Steel Wire Cable Shade sails provide the strength and support needed for an industrial, tension shade system. Each corner is designed with an A-Ring to ensure stability in high winds. The steel wire inside the seam helps tension the shade sail and provide extra reinforcement to hold up the fabric. We use the highest GSM fabric we have available to construct cable shade sails. Making it the most ideal shade solution for large sized sails or areas that often experience turbulent weather, such as high winds or rain. For buyers looking for a more permanent shade solution to avoid the hassle of having to constantly replace shading structures, the Steel Wire Cable Shade Sail is the sure bet. Just like all our other shade sail products, it offers wind and heat reduction and protection against harsh outdoor elements, such as UV rays.  A 7-year warranty comes with the purchase of each A-ring Cable Shade Sail.


Our Cable shade sails use both wire rope and lining belt to add extra support and reinforcement in the seam of the sun shade cloth. Rather than just having wire rope to offer support, as how many of the products are made in the market.

The 220GSM reinforced fabric provides longer service life in complex environments, such as snow, fallen branches and leaves, small hailstones, wind, etc. The steel wire inside the seam helps tension the shade sail and provide extra reinforcement to hold up the fabric. Each corner is designed with an A-Ring to ensure stability in high winds. Our Cable shade sails are twice as strong as other Cable shade sails in the market


Please note, even though Cable Shade Sails are stronger and more durable in severe weather compared to nylon webbing sails, they are not meant to withstand extremely high winds or heavy loads of snow for long periods of time. They can withstand severe weather conditions only occasionally.

UV Block/Vision Block

Manufactured from HD Polyethylene with UV Protection, durable enough to withstand long time outdoor use in the sun.  You can choose from a variety of colors, but all our A-ring Cable Shade Sails are made from 260 GSM HDPE fabric.  Our screens provide >95% UV blockage and vision blockage from sun rays, which helps create privacy, shading, and prevent heat buildup.

wider selection offered

We offer red, blue, brown, orange, turquoise, beige, light grey, or yellow to choose from. Six standard sizes including rectangle and triangle. You can always contacts us for your customized size and shape requests.


Life Expectancy

     Our Cable shade sails can offer a life expectancy of 7-9 years. Our professional after-sales service team will provide you with a seven-year Limited warranty.


Note: The following data was gathered in a tested environment, please note the values may be inconsistent if the product is used under different conditions.


Fabric: HDPE Polyethylene Material

GSM: 220

Construction: Knitted

Support Framework:  steel Cable & Webbing

Tensile strength:  50 cN/tex

Specific Gravity 0.89 - 0.96 g/cm

UV Blockage:  95%

Water Permeable:     Yes

Water Absorption:  0.005-0.01

Material Break Strength:   400LBS/ft

Crystalline Melt Point:       120 C - 180 c / 248F – 356 F

Composition of UV Inhibitor Yes

Flammable:  Yes

Fire Resistance:  None

Reflective Rate:   Black 13% -15%   /   white 85%-90%

Acidity and Alkalinity Resistant:    Yes

Temperature Range:   -20C to 55C / -4F to 131F

Mildew Resistant: Yes



260   gram/sq. Ft

UV Blockage


Visibility Blockage


Windspeed Sustainability

45   mph winds

Life Expectancy

7-8   Years

Limited Warranty

7   years

Delivery time frame

1-2   weeks


A-Ring Cable Shade Sail application is most suitable for custom sizes that exceed 25 ft. In addition, Cable Shade Sails are intentionally designed for areas that continuously have severe weather conditions year-round.  All our shade sail products are the perfect shade solution for backyard decks, patios, pools, play areas, camping, pergolas, lanais, or any place shade is  needed!


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