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Waterproof Sun Shade Sail UV Blocker Triangle Sunshade Patio Canopy Sail 16' x 16' x 23' in Color Turquoise

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Product Highlights
  • Really shade 220 GSM high density polyester. 2 year limited warranty under normal usage and weather.
  • Comes with the special designed, D-ring for easy installation.Stylish with the special curved design, strengthen the shade power to the fullest and make sail flat.
  • 95% blockage, besides being waterproof, it is also UV stabilized to keep cool
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Waterproof shade sails provide the best of both worlds – protection from the sun and rain.  Shade sails are a 

clever alternative to pergolas, covered porches, and awnings - their simple design makes them easy to install 

wherever needed; anchor to houses, fences, trees, or freestanding columns. Whether you suspend the sail for 

a floating effect or anchor it to wood or steel columns for a more enclosed feeling, the built-in steel D-rings 

at each corner are strong enough to keep the sail’s form. Made from Dacron fabric, a high-quality polyester 

fiber. Dacron sail cloth is the most popular choice amongst fishers and sailors because of its water and UV 

resistance. Reinforced webbing around the perimeter also ensures the longevity of this product. The Dacron 

waterproof fabric provides cool shade, protection from UV radiation, and can withstand prolonged exposure 

to moisture and high temperatures. Sit comfortably under the sail on rainy day without getting wet or cool 

off underneath it on a sunny day.

     Waterproof Fabric(Rating 500mm)- ideal for unpredictable weather, and maximum UV protection. Safty 

     temperature range on -30F to +150F

     Ideal for backyards, patios, decks, gathering areas, pools, gardens or anywhere you need a bit of shade and 

     privacy,also widely use for privacy screen,pergola cover or shade structure.




Waterproof Sunshade Sails are best applicable when wanting protection from both the sun and rain. This sail is the best option if you want to be able to be outside under your sail when it rains and stay dry. Or if you have expensive patio furniture or equipment that needs to stay dry and protected no matter the weather conditions outside. All our shade sail products are the perfect shade solution for backyard decks, patios, pools, play areas, camping, pergolas, lanais, or any place shade is needed!


keep away from heater  fire place ;  



There’s no science to ordering a sun shade sail. Meaning, what you should order ultimately comes down to personal preference. How many sails you’ll need, what color you should choose, what shape you should choose, how much shade coverage you want ---these are all good questions that unfortunately have no right or wrong answer. Fortunately, we’re here to help!

Determine your mounting points. A mounting point is the point at which you intend to hang your sail from. Mounting points may already exist (for example, large tree, fence post, fascia, or wall). If you don’t already have existing mounting points, you will have to install wooden or steel poles. Ensure your mounting points are structurally sound.

      Our standard waterproof shade sails typically come in either a rectangle, square, or triangle shape. Listed below is a list of the different sizes we offer in waterproof shade sails.



To begin, you need to determine the height you want your sunshade sail to be at. For some, this means figuring out different heights for each corner, especially if installing a waterproof sunshade sail. In order to effectively prevent water from collecting on your waterproof sunshade sail, at least 2 corners of the sail should be at varying heights of at least 6”. Feel free to exceed 6” in fact because the greater the slope or angles between the 4 corners, the easier it will be for rainfall to runoff. A highly recommended design is having two corners diagonal from each other at the same height, and the other two corners are at a height that is 2 feet shorter. This way the design will reduce more wind from all directions, will increase the lifespan, and look more aesthetically beautiful.


First, determine the height you want to install each corner of the sunshade sail at. Position two corners of the sail at least 6” taller than the opposite corners to allow water to runoff. The greater the drop (or angle) between the three corners, the better the drainage effect will be. Please note, try to avoid having the slope facing the wind to reduce the force of the wind.


Based off those measurements, subtract 12 inches or 1 foot from each measurement. Doing so will allow room for stretch so you can get your sail taut and wrinkle-free.  For example, if you measure mounting point from mounting point to be 13’ x 17’, you would want to order a 12’ x 16’. This step is critical! If you do not undersize when ordering curved sails, your sail will be too big and will not fit correctly.

If you are not sure about the style and design you want, please contact our customer service department. We suggest you prepare a short description and sketch of the area you would like to shade prior to contacting us. Please note. that measuring is a two-person job and requires a tape measure. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to measure by yourself for better accuracy. Measuring properly may also require a ladder, pen, and paper for recording, in addition to a measuring tape. Record the size immediately upon obtaining the measurement data.


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